I know that no refund will be given for missed classes. All payments received by Neway.IT.Solution is non-refundable.If student is on a payment plan, student must make payment on the due date agreed upon on the registration form BEFORE the start of that class on the date on the registration form per the payment plan. Students are not allowed to continue training except all agreed payments are paid on time. Make up classes are available via the online recordings of the class only. All students are required to attend their individual classes so as not to miss any of the hands on experience lectures and practices. Student are not to interrupt other fellow students in class by being belligerent, disrespectful to either fellow students or to professors. Such behavior could lead to immediate dismissal from the class and complete forfeiture of all tuition fee- without the possibility of a refund. Study supplies (laptop and notes) will be provided by the Neway.IT.Solution staff provided the student has paid for the material as it is part of the course tuition fee. Students are also required to do a short video with Neway.IT.Solution once they get employment. Neway.IT.Solutions does not in any way intend to nor makes a guarantee of employment after the course is complete. Job employment upon completion of the course will be solely due to the hard-work/efforts of each individual student.

I have read and fully agree to Newayitsolutions's policies regarding registration, refunds and fees.